May 31, 2011

How to Delete or Add Gmail Account on an Android Phone

If you are owing a cell phone with Google Android OS, then probably managing your Gmail account will be right in need. How to add a new gmail account on an android phone? Or how can I delete or remove current account from my android phone without leaving anything? Similar questions may come to your mind especially for Android newbies. So I’ll give a step by step howtos in order for you to manage it easily. And I'll take Samsung GT-i5700 for example as I am right now using the phone with Android OS.

How to Add a New Gmail Account to an Android Phone

  1. Open the Menu -> Settings -> Accounts & sync -> Add account.
  2. Then you will see 3 options (Corporate, Facebook, Google) for you to choose. Click "Google" and then you'll go to the section of "Adding an account".
  3. Click "Next" -> "Already have a Google Account" - > "Sign In". 
  4. Now your Google account has been successfully added. 
  5. Note: you can use more than one Google account on your phone (such as your home and work account).

However sometimes you already have attached an account to your phone but want to remove/delete it when you want to donate the phone or have other personal usages with high phone privacy security. Well, it is also quite simple to get it done.

How to Delete Current Gmail Account on an Android Phone

  1. Still open the Menu, go to Settings option, then Account & sync, move to your account right under Manage accounts
  2. Click your account and you'll see Data & Synchronization tab. Move down to the bottom and you'll see Remove account. 
  3. Then it will hint this "Do you really want to remove this account? Removing it will also delete all……". If you have backup the data (Contacts, SMS etc), then just hit Remove account
  4. Depending on different cases, it will pop out a message warning "This account is required by some applications. You can only remove it by resetting the phone to factory defaults(which delete all your personal data)……"
  5. Then back to Settings -> Privacy -> Personal data -> Factory data reset. Click Reset Phone option and Erase everything.
  6. Then your phone will restart again and back to factory settings. Note: all your phone internal memory files (such as Contacts, SMS, Call log etc.) will gone, while the external memory stuff on your sd card will remain intact.

Deleting a Google account is a little more complicated than adding a new account, so better be careful in case you may lose some important files.


  1. will i lose my phone's applications too by deleting a gmail account??

  2. Thank you for your tip "How to Delete Current Gmail Account on an Android Phone". I found it very helpful.

  3. Best option change the sync option default 4 days to one day and change the GMAIL password in the web. so no more success authentication so, its like dummy accounts, delete the mails from mobile.

    Hope this the good solution for who don't want to factory reset and loosing the app downloaded.

    :) :) :)

    1. great idea it works!! thanks man!!!

    2. Hey, could you explain how to do it step by step? Thanks so much

    3. Can you explain how to change the sync options? I have no clue what i'm doing

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  5. WTF...

    I really liked the marriage of Google and Android, right up to the point when I tried to delete a Gmail account.

    Why they feel it necessary to remove ALL phone content when deleting Gmail account/settings I can only guess at.

    It's MY darn phone, NOT Google's, and I choose to remove an Email account - simple. I'm really hating big industry that doesn't simply nurture and support new technologies but feels it has to dominate it and all customers using it. That's the reason I left crApple.

    Yeesh !


  7. Is there another way? Can u delete it from the computer?

  8. Thank you buddy .. Keep on posting...

  9. thanks for the help...couldn't figure out how to DELETE a gmail account even with the full HTC phone manual!!

  10. Thanks for the great tip for we Android users!

  11. not work
    i want only account deleted not my applications.

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