Dec 16, 2011

How to Recover Data from Broken or Water Damaged iPhone 3/4G/4S

Oh, no. I hope you are feeling a little bit better when you see this post from Google or Yahoo by typing terms like "iPhone 3G screen totally broken, how to recover files" or "water damaged iPhone 4G, can data recovery possible" etc. No one likes the suffering, indeed. Just a couple of days ago one of my buddies fell his iPhone 4S onto the ground by accident because it was just so smooth. But good news is the phone OK except a few edges are cut and now look not so new. However, not all iPhone holders can catch the good luck. There are so many situations that iPhone glass totally broke and wouldn’t turn on, or the device slept too long under water being severely damaged and dead now. The questions is can iphone data or files be recovered in this case?

I guess the first thing you have in mind is this – send the phone to a fix center or for recovery service. Yes, I also hear that there exists such companies to receive the business. But there are at lease3 points you may be disappointed to see: the expensive price, the time & energy spent, not 100% guaranteed. So what should be MOST effective way to recover data from the broken, damaged even stolen iPhone?

Well, you may guess it. Yeah – by using software! That's why this data security freeware is opened for! Please note: I am talking about recovering lost files from iPhone, other than teaching you how to fix or repair the broken or damaged phone.

No matter you've suffered iPhone broken, damged, or you just mistakenly deleted something items (photos, videos, Contacts, Call recorder etc) off well-functioning iphone, the data insides can be recovered with such iPhone data recovery software, which is able to retrieve data from your PC or Mac machine instead of the phone. But there is one thing should be provided: you ever used iTunes to synchronize iPhone files. It can restore media files, Contacts, Calendars, SMS texts, AppStore application files, call histories & more from not only iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, but also iPad & iPod Touch on your Mac machine.

How to get the job done? Well, quite simple. You don't have to connect your iPhone or launch iTunes. Just install the program on the computer (runs under  Windows or Mac OS X) and start to run a scan to seek iPhone files. Curious about how this can happen? The fact is – the software will recover files from iTunes backup! That's it! Why? Because each time you sync data between your iPhone and iTunes on your computer, all previous data will be automatically backed up by iTunes and saved as a file with extension (.sqlitedb). The backup files will be continuously updated along with the later sync. But the files can't be viewed or taken out unless you use some special tricks, that's why the above iphone data recovery programs are designed by the clever engineers. Learn more from this article how to recover lost files from iPhone. Want to show appreciation? Hah.

But Note: both programs above are not freeware which means you should pay for them. For there is still no such free software or open source can get things done up till now. I'll update it here if one day such app occurs.


  1. Last week I attend a ceremony and i have lot of pictures of that ceremony in my iphone which was refreshing my memory. Recently I deleted that pictures it was a shock for me. My friend recommends me to use such software. I used it and it release my tension .It really works.

  2. THis answer doens't address the real issue! Retrieving ifno from the phone itself not from a backup! That is not real hacking my friends!

  3. Hi JZ,
    Thanks! I have just been searching for info about this topic for a while and yours is the best I have found out so far.

    broken iPhone

  4. Wonderful work. This worked for me to recover data from iPhone.Thanks so much!!

  5. Thanks Alot Sucessfully Recovered data from My iPhone 4s..!