How to Recover Data from Broken or Water Damaged iPhone

Oh, no. So, your iphone is just broken or water damaged, and you have tons of precious data in it? No one likes the suffering, indeed. Just a couple of days ago one of my buddies fell his iPhone 5 onto the ground by accident. But good news is the phone is okay except a few edges are cut.

However, not all iPhone users are as luckly as him. There are situations when iPhone glass is totally broke and wouldn’t turn on, or the device slept too long in the water and got severely damaged and dead now.

The question is: is it still possible to retrieve files from an iPhone that is totally broken or water damaged?

Well, it is. But chances of recovery depends.

The first thing you maybe have in mind is – send your device to a fix center or for recovery service. Yes, I also hear that there are professional data recovery experts out there offering such kind of recovery service. But I have to warn you though, it's not cheap and the chance is not 100% guaranteed.

So what is the best way to try first?

Yes, you may have guessed it -- by using software! That's why this data security freeware blog is opened for! Please note: I am here talking about recovering lost files from an iPhone, other than teaching you how to repair a broken or damaged phone. To do that, you may want to check out this iPhone article, watch the video inside.

If you have iTunes or iCloud backup, things can be much easier. Simply go to this Apple guide for how to restore your iPhone data by extracting the backup files.

If that method doesn't work either because you don't have a backup or iTunes/iCloud fails to help, the next solutions is by using an iOS data recovery software. No matter you've suffered iPhone broken, damaged, or you just mistakenly deleted something items (photos, videos, Contacts, Call recorder etc) off the device, the data insides may be still recoverable provided that they are not fully written over.

How to do that? Well, it's actually quite simple. You don't need to connect your iPhone or launch iTunes. Just install the program on the computer (runs Windows or Mac OS X) and start to scan from iTunes or iCloud backup. That's it. Soon, you'll see a list of items being displayed on the software panel.

This post was last updated on: June 12, 2016.


  1. THis answer doens't address the real issue! Retrieving ifno from the phone itself not from a backup! That is not real hacking my friends!

  2. Thanks Alot Sucessfully Recovered data from My iPhone 4s..!