Windows 7 Blue Screen (BSOD) Fixes

Well, I have never expected this kind blue screen or blue screen of death (BSOD) to my computer. BUT 3 days ago that did happen which shocked me to some extent. Just all of a sudden, my HP laptop (Windows 7, 32 bits) went to blue screen without any pre-notice. This is definitely a random blue screen error. 

After carefully read the error codes indicated on the blue screen, I figured out the problem maker: too much third-party software installed on my computer! Wow, I never expected this to be the reason. But after spending about an hour' time to uninstall those unnecessary programs and plug-ins, the blue screen never occurs during the past days. Now I have to be careful with every installed software program. Because during the past months in order to give a test to certain programs, I have downloaded so many apps. There might be a chance some programs (especially those competitors I guess) may fight with each other, thus the platform Windows 7 has to end the fight because MS won’t allow the others to fight in his place. J

Okay, long story! Back to the topic, What if such blue screen hits your Windows 7, how to fix it? I’ll combine my own experience and techniques to give some solutions. Note: there are so many reasons that might lead to Windows 7 blue screen or BSOD, or be free to say some are even the operation system’s bugs. As a result, it is unable for me to cover every case. I just share some common fix solutions.

Blue Screen Fix 1 – Restart Windows 7
Sometimes, when blue screen occurs (particularly for the first time), Windows will indicate you to restart your computer and the problem will never happen again.

Blue Screen Fix 2 – Re-plug RAM chip
This fix solution is suitable for the case when blue screen occurs and when you attempt to restart but with boot failure. In this case shut down your computer. Open it and plug out the RAM (Random Access Memory, is a hardware that is permanently installed inside the computer's motherboard) and use an eraser or so to clean the dust and then re-plug it in. Then restart your Windows 7.

Blue Screen Fix 3 – Uninstall third-party software programs
This is the problem I met as described above, clean those unnecessary apps and plug-ins can make the blue screen disappear.

Blue Screen Fix 4 – Fix Registry Errors 
Sometimes blue screen on HP is caused simply by s few registry errors (source). Using a registry cleaner (I'll highly recommend CCleaner of course) to fix the errors.

More fix solutions from Microsoft: Resolving stop (blue screen) errors in Windows 7

Like what I said, blue screen causes vary a lot. If you accidentally meet blue screen with your computer running Windows 7 or other OS, and those fix tips won't help, feel free to post the specifics of your situation. I'll try to help

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