Secure Your iPhone 5 by Setting a Password Lock

For security purposes it's a good idea to set up a Passcode on Lock Screen for the Apple iPhone 5 or any iOS device like the iPad, previous iPhones and the iPod Touch.

This requires the user to enter the Passcode before the user can reach the iPhone's content. Without the Passcode, no one can reach private data on the phone.

Let's say I accidentally put my iPhone down at work and one of my coworkers wants to prank me by messing up settings or changing the name Siri calls me which can embarrass me. The lock keeps that prankster from getting the best of me. Obviously, it also keeps bad guys from getting my banking information or passwords stored in apps like Lastpass password manager.

Watch this following short YouTube video for the step by step guide!
Thanks Kevin Purcell for the nice tip.

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  1. Apple can make great device, but their OS is so pathetic against Android. I will throw up my Samsung a day when Apple will opt to use Android OS.