Easy Steps to Transfer Files from Your Old Phone to HTC Phone

So you just got a new HTC phone but you have so many files & apps stored on your old cell phone? Want to know if there is a way to quickly transfer those important data to the new phone? In fact, there is a nice app called "Transfer" within HTC phone that can get the job done quickly.

Most of the case, it is pre-installed when you buy the new phone. With it, you can transfer data from your old phone (Apple iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and more) to the new HTC phone in just a few minutes.

Please note: the below step by step instructions can only be applied provided that Bluetooth on both phones work fine.

  • Open your new HTC phone, click on the "Transfer" icon on the dashboard.
  • Then you'll see a screen titled Transfer my stuff. Depending on the capabilities of your old phone, you may be able to move Contacts and other data to your new HTC phone via Bluetooth. Tap "Next" to begin. 
  • Now Select your old phone. In the list, you can choose Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Others. 
  • If you have an iPhone 4, for example, select Apple and Select the model iPhone 4, click Next option. 
  • Now you'll need to Turn on BlueTooth. Follow the steps shown on the screen:
  1. Press "Home button" > "Settings" > "General".
  2. Select "Bluetooth".
  3. Switch Bluetooth on.
  4. Stay on Bluetooth setting screen. 
  • Tap "Next" when you have successfully turned on Bluetooth.
  • Now your HTC phone will turn on Bluetooth and automatically Scan your old phone. Note: Re-scan your old device if it can't be found for the first time. 
  • Lastly click "Next" to finish the one click transferring process.
This works amazingly well for me. Let me know how it goes with your phone?

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